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Website Instructions for Team Managers and Coaches

Getting Started:

Logging in with an Existing NGIN Account:

    * If you already have an NGIN account from another TST Media website, Login using that same Username and Password.  Then click on the "Join This Site's Network" link in the grey Menu panel to the left side of the Home Page.  Then send an email to your webmaster letting him know your account has been added to the MMFL website system.

Creating a New Account:

    * If you do not already have an account for the web site, please click on the “Create an Account” link in the upper left corner of the page.
    * Enter a unique Username and Password for yourself (please write this down and keep track of it) and click “Sign Up”.
    * Follow the steps to "Activate" your account.
    * You will then need to send an email to your webmaster.
    * Send a brief message letting him know that you have signed up on the site - include your name, school, position with the team and contact number.
    * Once approved, you will then be granted permission to access your team’s home page(s) on the web site. The team pages are found under the “Team” section of the site.
    * After permission has been granted, you will receive a confirmation reply.  Then you can login, go to your team’s page and begin editing the content, i.e. Roster, Game Schedule and eventually Game Results.

    * The Home Teams will be responsible for entering games to the schedule and game results.
      Tournament Games and Results will be entered and managed by the Tournament Host.

Editing Your Team Page:

    * When logged in and on to your team’s home page, you will see the “Edit Mode” tab in the upper right corner.  Click into “Edit Mode”.
    * Content tab: use the “Add Page Element” to edit or add Text, Photos, Documents, Events, News Articles, Links, Contact Info, Videos, etc. to your team’s page.
    * Permissions tab: invite other members of your staff or volunteer parents to create an account on the site as you did on the previous page.  Use the “Add Profile” tool to grant editing permission to those members and have them assist you with maintaining your team page.
    * You may also “Add New Pages” under your team’s main page section to organize additional content.  You can change the Page Status of a page from Public to Private to Disabled.
    * If you'd like to update your team's logo or you team colors, click into the Admin Control Panel in the upper right.  Then click on the Website Tools Tab and the Sports Management link.  Click on the Edit Team link to the right.

Entering Your Home Games on the Schedule:

    * On your Team Page, click over into Edit Mode, click on Game Schedule, and then Add Game.  Select the visiting team ("Team 2"), Game Time and Location.  Click "Create Game".